We Breed Only High-Quality Labrador Retrievers!

We Breed Only High-Quality Labrador Retrievers!

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Our kennel breeds Lab puppies for six specific traits:

  • Superior Intelligence
  • Terrific Personalities
  • Outstanding Hunting/Working Desire
  • Natural Pointing Instinct
  • Superb Looks
  • Proven Pedigrees

At Lakota Creek Kennels our mission is to produce dogs that will be an improvement to the current breed standard of hunting and working-line Labrador retrievers. We do this by selecting, training, and breeding only the best Labradors in the United States

How we select our breeding dogs:
When selecting for our breeding program, we carefully critique every aspect of the dog. We only breed dogs that we would be proud to hunt over and have as our personal working or hunting dog. If the dog has an undesirable trait, there is likely a chance their puppies will have it too.

There are several non-negotiable evaluations that take place before considering a dog for breeding, such as sound hips and elbows, a clear eye test, size within the breed standard, a proven pedigree, etc.

We look at the overall personality of the dog. We want dogs who have great social skills, good drive and style in the field, and a true off-switch when not working. This off-switch is just not the ability to nap when tired but the ability to honor other dogs working and to not get vocal or the inability to control their body movements

We evaluate several aspects of fieldwork. We want to breed a retriever who loves the water, has a natural delivery to hand, charges hard going out and coming back from a retrieve, and are able to use their noses to work heavy cover. They are team players who love to work together with their person in the field.

The Health Panel:
We GUARANTEE your new puppy will be unaffected by EIC, CNM, PRA-PRCD, PRA-GR2, DM, RD/OSD, HNPK, MCD, Stargardt Disease, CMS, and SD2. This guarantee is valid for the LIFETIME of your puppy. The DNA Panel is performed by www.pawprintgenetics.com/